My descent into INSANITY

While I was never a great runner, I used to be in really good shape, 3 years ago I was at 8% body fat and able to bench press 225 lbs. Alas, those days are over. I took a job where I now have an hour long commute each way to work, and then, to top it off, we had a kid! What little time I had left vanished. My free time is now down to about 90 minutes a night.  I usually spend an hour of that sitting on the couch, recovering from the day and watching House of Cards with my wife. The other 30 minutes I spend trying to get caught up on the ever growing to-do list.

I’d wager that my body fat is now closer to 20% and I’m about 20 lbs heavier than I was at my peak (185 now vs 165 then), and my 5k time is probably closer to 30 minutes rather than the 23 it was when I was at my best.

All that said, when my wife asked if I wanted to try to do the “Insanity” workout DVD series with her, I wasn’t in any position to turn the offer down. Obviously I could use some more activity in my sedentary lifestyle, and anything has to be better than nothing. I’m pretty skeptical of these type of workout routines, in the past I preferred free weights and running, but, like I said, I’m in no position to turn down any activity.

When I was doing a lot of free weights and running in the past I kept detailed workout logs, and I thought I would try to do the same thing for Insanity and see how the results stack up.  I’m a Data Analyst in real life, so I’ll be keeping close track of my key metrics (mood and weight).  While also providing some info on what’s going into my system (diet).

Stay tuned for day 1!

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    1. Thanks Brad, I’ve been struggling to figure out which is better. In the videos it seems like the action moves so quickly that I can’t keep up form and reps both.

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